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Tips You Must Know When Staging Your Home

Once the decision has been made that you will be putting your home on the market to sell, it’s time to stage. Staging is a very important part of the home selling process, as it warrants you to put your beloved home on display for others to picture it as their own. Like selling anything in life, it’s important to pitch your most polished product to the public, to convey its full value. Think of potential buyers as consumers on the market for their next best purchase. They will be examining every crevice of your home, in an attempt to envision it as the place where they’d like to invest the next stage of their life. A major caveat of selling your home is that some buyers may not like your style, or may not prefer an element of your home that you love. Don’t take it personally. In most cases it’s better for the seller to not be present during the open house, to avoid any uncomfortable situations. As a seller, you want your home to look the best it can during open houses. Here are some helpful home staging tips that can assist you during the process of staging your home!

First and foremost, remove your home’s clutter! Nobody wants to walk into a house that has another family’s items scattered all about. Remove all miscellaneous items from your home’s openly visible areas. Make sure that clothes are put away in all bedrooms and that beds are nicely made as well. Just doing this alone can make your home look tidier, but it’s definitely not all you should do. 

Next, clean, clean, clean! You want to make sure that your home looks spotless when a potential buyer enters it. First impressions are lasting impressions, so if a buyer walks into a dirty home, he or she will likely have a negative first impression, that may impact their entire perception of your house. Walking into a clean house, that smells fresh can give your home bonus points, showing the buyer that you’re a seller who is truly motivated to sell. 

Third, make an open concept feel. Regardless of the structural layout of your home, arranging your furniture in an open layout design can work wonders on the aesthetic of your home. Make room for buyers to freely walk throughout your home, without having any blockades of furniture. This can allow buyers to visualize the space with their own twist, allowing it to feel more like their own. If you have any furniture that doesn’t fit well in your home, it is probably best to remove it during the staging process, so that the area looks larger. 

Depending on your home’s color scheme, it can be a good idea to consider painting over any bright colored walls that may throw off the potential buyer’s perception of your home. Creating a neutral coloring throughout your home is best for staging, as buyers can then choose to visualize their own color scheme, rather than having to imagine the home without yours. 

Make repairs! If there are any minor updates or repairs you can make to create a more visually pleasing setting, you should do so. Although your home’s impurities may not stand out to you so much, they will stand out to a buyer. Any quick updates you can make will serve you better and will show the buyer that you keep up with your home’s maintenance. 

Before the open house, it is important to create a light and airy setting in your home. This can be done by opening your blinds and leaving all lights on in your home on for the showing. You can also purchase a few potted plants or flower arrangements to display throughout the home to create the perfect welcoming atmosphere. The best way to prepare your home is to act as a buyer yourself. Once you have taken the previously stated measures to stage your home, allow yourself to take a walk through the home, acting as a critical buyer. This can help you make any other adjustments that may assist a buyer in viewing your home as their perfect new home!

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